Friday, June 13, 2014

Taking people food {part one}

A couple of months ago, when life was really hard, we were blessed with multiple hand delivered meals. Now that baby season has begun it's time to pay it forward! Whether you're bringing dinner to a new mom or someone who needs a pick-me-up, here are four things to remember:

1) Opt for groceries
Instead of making a meal, bring a couple bags of kitchen essentials. Two of my friends brought us groceries (they were somehow perfectly spaced apart) and it was perfect to balance out the meals. They stocked us up on microwaveable lunches, easy snacks and some treats.  

2) Include fresh food

It might feel silly to pack half a bag of apples but it is so appreciated. Without frequent (or any) store trips it's hard to keep your diet fresh.  Replenishing milk, fruit and veggies can be a lifesaver!

3) Make breakfast

Pre-made dinners + no shopping = only dinner food. Help your new mom by packing a bag of chocolate chip muffins, banana bread, or even pancakes that she can throw in the fridge for a quick breakfast (or snack). 

4) Pack plastic

When one friend brought us dinner she included plastic plates, forks and paper towels. We didn't have to worry about shopping, cooking OR cleaning and that was a relief. 

Part two here!

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