Monday, February 23, 2015

8 {cheap} Winter Dates

If fall was the time to go out, winter is definitely the time to stay inside. The truth is that I would pick a warm blanket + hot chocolate + Netflix over most other things in the winter... but it's good to have a mix and get some fresh air too. 
1) Jigsaw puzzles + hot cocoa

The beauty of this date is that it's easy, warm and still a little different. We've had luck finding puzzles in thrift stores and I think some libraries might rent them? If not they should. This hot chocolate recipe is amazing and the fact that it makes ten servings isn't even really a problem.

2) Themed Dinner

Pick a theme and make a three course dinner together. Depending on how spontaneous you're feeling you can plan a menu and shop together or work with what you already have. We plan to do this one soon and will probably opt for a cheese theme because it's so easy to work as an appetizer, main course or dessert. 

3) Showtime

We rarely buy tickets for shows or formal performances because they can get expensive but I never regret it when we do. If you're in DC the Kennedy Center is a great option because 1) it's a beautiful building and 2) they have free shows every night. And if you want to be really classy don't forget to stash candy in your purse. 

4) Bookworm

...Because nothing says romance like getting a new library card. You can create a scavenger hunt and take turns finding childhood favorites, new recipes, etc. We like to get lost in the travel section planning future trips! 

5) Sundaes x 3 

Pretend that the sun doesn't set before 5pm and that it's not freezing outside. Buy plain ice cream and see how many toppings and non-toppings you can scrounge up. Use ramekins so you have enough room for all three rounds:

  • Round 1 - classic (almonds and cinnamon for me)
  • Round 2 - savory (pb&j, bacon&maple syrup)
  • Round 3 - partner's choice (chocolate and pb for Luke)

6) Still life

This date could go a couple of ways. For my sister and her husband, who are both talented artists, this would result in two beautiful pieces of art to frame and display. If you're on the other side of the spectrum, which I am, it would mean a really entertaining night. Secretly pick something to draw and see if your partner can guess the object by the artwork.

7) Cooking class

For my birthday a few years ago Luke took me to an Indian cooking class and we loved it. We ate some delicious food and left with a couple of recipes that we use at least monthly. This is the outlier of the list because it's not cheap but I would deem it splurge- worthy.

8) YouTube playlists

This playlist has some of our all-time favorite youtube videos. (I'm pretty impressed with myself for including more than just baby animals and Jimmy Fallon's History of Rap series). Whether you watch someone else's playlist or make your own, get comfortable and enjoy!