Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7 Makeup Hacks

Welcome to part two of my-friends-came-over-and-I-forced-them-to-model-for-me. 

I love doing makeup (mostly on other people) and trying out different techniques.  I always prefer makeup that looks clean and natural and it can be a challenge to do that without shelling out for the best products.  Read on for 7 simple makeup tricks that you can use to save time and look better!

1. Mix a little bit of moisturizer into your liquid foundation. This will thin the foundation so that it sits lighter and more naturally on your skin. It also helps avoid makeup lines around your face. 

2. Always start foundation on your cheeks. This is the easiest-- and biggest-- "canvas" on your face. Rub foundation in a circular motion over each of your cheeks and work out to the top, bottom and sides of your face. This will make it easier to blend the foundation with your skin and you'll know right away if any particular makeup has weird consistency or is irritating to your skin. 
3. Line your eyebrows with concealer to make them pop. Use a little concealer along both the top and bottom of your eyebrow. Spread along the length of your eyebrow and blend as needed. This will draw attention to a defined eyebrow shape (and away from any stray hairs)!
 4. Blush is not just for your cheeks. Once you've spread blush on your cheeks (moving outward and upward), dab it lightly on your eye as a first layer of eyeshadow and on your chin. This will balance out the color of the blush and will draw attention to the shape of your face. It really makes a difference!
5. Eyeliner comes first. The toughest part about eyeliner is getting a nice, straight line. When you apply eyeliner after eye shadow you have no buffer; no chance to cover up any mistakes. So apply your eyeliner first... if it's too thick you can tone it down with eye shadow. If the line isn't straight enough (for all you perfectionists out there) you can easily remove it without taking off any other makeup. 
6. Coconut oil is your friend. One of the many fine uses of coconut oil is as makeup remover. It works especially well if you use whipped coconut oil. To make this I buy a jar of oil, like the one below, empty it into a bowl and whip with the hand mixer for a couple minutes. (This makes great lotion, too)!
7. Use your boldest eye shadow sparingly. Start with one layer of a neutral shadow over your entire eyelid and up to your brow. Then use your darkest color to highlight the middle of the eye, right where it creases. Paint a circle (see below) around that area. Use your finger to blend and cover lightly with another layer of a more neutral color. You don't need to cake the eye shadow on for a bold look!

Meet my team (and check out their before and afters)--

Connor: my main model,

 Sara: a first- time lipstick wearer (rocked it),
Melodie: the photographer behind these shots and all of this.
Here are some of my favorite products (sans sponsors):
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer. Good for your skin and has sunscreen. Win, win!
  • L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. I barely mix any moisturizer with this foundation because it's so light and smooth.
  • Maybelline The Colossal Volum'Express. Love the curved brush.
  • L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner. Fits somewhere between liquid eyeliner and pencils. 
  • Covergirl Eye Enhancers. I have at least three sets... the more the merrier!

{Check out part one here}

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