Monday, September 1, 2014

Gift Giving Guide // part one

Happy Labor Day! I'm sad to say goodbye to summer but look forward to the beginning of Fall, and with it, the kickoff of "birthday season" around these parts. With half of my family celebrating a birthday or anniversary soon I have a lot of gift shopping to do. Here are some things that will be at the top of my list this Fall:

1. For the photo lover

I would like to give this to just about everyone on my list. Think: budding photographer, new college student, or parent who misses hard copies of photos. Plug your phone in and print away!

{find it here}

2. For the budding reader

There are few things better than enjoying pictures of (baby) animals, and getting mail just might be one of them. Give the little one something to look forward to every month!

{find it here}

3. For the foodie

My favorite gifts are experiences, which is why I love this cheese kit. It's a fun gift to receive because it gives you the chance to try something new and different.
 Plus I don't hate the idea of delicious fresh cheese as a byproduct.

{find it here}

4. For the nail biter

I think I might give myself a non-birthday gift of this nail polish (OPI's "I only drink champagne.") Personally I tend to stick with calmer, more pastel nail colors so I think this would be a fun way to switch it up.

{find it here}

5. For the newlyweds 

I might be biased, since this is a gift I made my sister and her husband earlier this year, but I love this box of dates. It takes a little more time to put together but it's cheaper, lasts for a full year and can be personalized depending on who it's being sent to!

{find the tutorial here}

6. For the urban adventurer

I have to admit, even as a lover of summer above all other seasons, that fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather. I love this all purpose blanket because it works on any surface, stays dry, and is easy to transport. I'm looking forward to using ours for camping trips, picnics, orchard visits and concerts this Fall.  

{find it here}


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