Saturday, March 8, 2014

Twenty three

...was a big year. A lot happened. 

It all started in March when we flew out to Utah for my sister's wedding. Look at that stunning bride!

In April I moved and we flew to Massachusetts for my cousin's wedding. 

In May we got married!!!!

June I finished my first year of teaching (hallelujah!) and we flew to France just a couple days later.

In July we adopted this adorable thing. We also went to our wonderful friends' wedding (4th wedding in 5 months!)

August we road tripped to NY. We were joined by our puppy and her tiny bladder, which of course made for a nice quick drive :) My sister came out to visit and I got a new job!

In September I started my new job.

In October we started to feel like life might actually slow down a little.

But that was our mistake. Because in November I got hit by an 18 wheeler on the highway (nobody was injured), which of course totaled our car. We bought a new car. I ran my first half marathon. And then my brother and his wife saved the month by announcing their pregnancy!!

December we welcomed a new baby niece to the Ruth family :)

In January one brother got engaged and the other found out that baby is a boy. (All within 20 minutes of each other). Surely that was the exciting note to end on... right?

Wrong! In February I got into yet another car accident. In our new car. On the bright side I got to drive my 6th rental/ loaner car in 3 months. Woo!

24 will bring its own adventures, highlighted by the addition of a sister and nephew. Here's to a year filled with more down time, fewer car accidents and still plenty of excitement!


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